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Monday, February 20, 2012

All There Is

Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected and archived more than 40,000 interviews from more than 70,000 participants, each week airing one of NPR's Morning Edition. Love is perhaps StoryCorp's greatest theme, present in almost every interview and All There Is focuses on romantic love, collecting stories from around the country into three broad categories: Love Found, Love Lost, and Love Found At Last.

The touching personal narratives cover the widest range of couples - lifelong partners and newlyweds, long-distance relationships forged by e-mails and letters, and love stories that reach across wars, illness, and even death. Here are some of the stories you will find within the covers of All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps by Dave Isay:

Michael Fazio and Sonya Baker in Murray, Kentucky. Michael was a toll collector when he caught Sonya's eye during her regular commute. One day she asked Michael out to dinner, and they've traveled through life together ever since.

Leroy Morgan remembers his late wife, Vivian and they time they read a sign that said Successful Marrige that neither would ever forget that would contain six points to always to say to your wife or husband. Their marriage lasted fifty-three years, two months and five days and if he's able to enter into the pearly gates of heaven, Leroy will walk all over God's heaven until he finds Vivian. The first thing he plans on doing is asking her to marry him all over again.

My all time favorite was a story from Beverly Eckert, 55 who remembers her husband Sean Rooney and that last phone call she shared with him as he remained in the South Tower on the morning of September 11th, trapped on the 105th floor and tried in vain to escape but was not able. It would be a phone call she would never forget and also her life would be claimed as well in a plane crash in 2009.

If you are a romantic at heart or simply love great love stories that show love can outlast even death, then this is simply the collection of stories for you. I received this book compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and fell in love over and over again. There were stories simply too good that once I finished them, I had to read them out loud to my husband. Those were the "Ah moments in our day." I can't recommend this book enough as a great collection for hopeful romantics, and a great anniversary or wedding gift. With that I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I think there's stories that will inspire my marriage, so I'm going to be reading it soon!

    Thanks for being on the tour!


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