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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Portrait of a Spy

Gabriel Allon knows what its like to live a double life. He's spent the better part of his life living the life of a Spy, sometimes working for Israel and sometimes working for the United States. Now he's being called upon again and the tranquil life he had been trying to live with his wife restoring paintings, is about to be put on hold.

Gabriel Allon is one of the top operatives in the field and when terrorist attacks begin popping up in Paris, Copenhagen and then Covent Garden in London, all timed around the fateful 9/11 bombings that happened in 2001, in their retrospective time zones, Gabriel knows that this is no accident. Another mastermind in the field of terrorism is on the rise and no one seems to be able to know just when he will strike next. Now Gabriel is called back in to Washington to help them find a paid CIA asset that appeared to be working for the United States but turns out was using the CIA to form a new network of terror all over the globe. Now that he's gone missing, they want Gabriel to use whatever means necessary to find Rashid and kill him before he has time to plan another attack this time in the United States.

The pawn in this plan is to utilize someone with terrorist ties to gain an inside foothold into the door of where they are operating and to locate just whose at the head of planning these new attacks. The only problem is that Gabriel killed her father while she watched and now they want her to be their inside contact into the world of terrorism. Will he be able to convince her to cooperate or will Gabriel turn out to be the pawn inside to get revenge on the man who killed her father?

In the novel, Portrait of A Spy by Daniel Silva, readers are taken into the midst of non stop action while bombs are exploding and people are dying to get to the root of the latest terrorist attacks aimed at the United States. This is my first book by Daniel Silva and certainly won't be my last. This borders on things that may occur at some point in the future and that's what makes this suspense thriller a page-turner to the end. I received this book compliments of Planned TV Arts and Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. I loved it and rate it a heart-stopping 5 out of 5 stars.

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