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Friday, February 17, 2012

Reasons for Hope in The Mosaic of Your Life

Sometimes the broken pieces of each our lives is there for a purpose. If would could share with people that times that God had used those circumstances to come into our life and make us better individuals and help us grow through our spiritual trials, we should be share those with people we come into contact with daily. Using those times of brokenness to connect with what God has done for each of us in our life.

This is what God had in mind for all those storms and trials in our lives. Those of us that weather through them can honestly say, we know what its like and we've been there and made it out the other side. Not only that, but here is what I personally learned by going through it. In the book, Reasons for Hope: In the Mosaic of Your Life by Carl Kerby, he shows people how we can get through life through sharing our trials with others. It helps show people what God's purpose is in our lives and how we can use that as a way to bring others to God. I received this book compliments of B & B Media Group for my honest opinion and think the author creates a fresh perspective on just how can witness to others through our personal pain. He shares his own struggles of being a son of professional wrestler and then trying to find his own way in life when so many doors seem to close. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion and find his stories very related to what we encounter in life.

"Life is not always picture-perfect, and sometimes it is difficult to see God’s plan or purpose—especially during difficult times. Reasons for Hope: In the Mosaic of Your Life, by sought-after speaker Carl Kerby, researches the many aspects of faith that will encourage everyone looking for hope in today’s troubling times. With humor and passion, Carl answers questions about suffering, evolution, relativism, faith and more, strengthening his readers and equipping them to offer true hope to a broken world.

“In a mosaic, the artist arranges pieces of cut or broken stones or tiles to create a decorative pattern. We may struggle to grasp the overall design of a mosaic when we’re looking at the individual pieces up close, because what we see looks like a piece of junk, broken and useless. But when we step back far enough to view the entire mosaic, we get a new perspective, and we see the intricate beauty of the finished masterpiece. That enables us to grasp the original intent of the artist,” explains Carl Kerby. Reasons for Hope chronicles Carl’s rocky start as the son of a professional wrestler and takes readers from his difficult teen years and his military career to his stressful responsibility as an air-traffic controller at one of the nation’s busiest airports and ultimately to his ministry calling as a speaker. Carl reveals how God has created a beautiful mosaic from the broken pieces of his life, held together by the saving grace of the cross of Jesus Christ. As readers join in Carl’s journey, they will come to understand how the bigger picture of their own lives reveals a unique and beautiful mosaic.

Using his dynamic and infectious passion, Carl reveals God’s hand throughout his life, from childhood to adulthood, from unbelief to belief. No matter what the circumstances, God gathers up the broken pieces of life and forms them into something beautiful, all according to His purpose and plan. Carl’s story will not only give reasons for hope but will also encourage readers to share their only true hope, Jesus Christ. Readers will walk away knowing that the broken pieces of their lives are used by God to make beautiful and useful vessels for His work."

About The Author:

Carl Kerby is president and founder of Reasons for Hope (, founded in 2011 as a response to a calling from God to proclaim the authority and authenticity of the Bible. He was previously a founding board member at Answers in Genesis for ten years and served there for over fifteen years. Before that he worked as an air-traffic controller at O’Hare International Airport. Kerby’s love for Jesus fuels a passion to engage the minds and hearts of youth and adults so that they can know the truth of God’s Word. He is a sought-after speaker both in the United States and abroad. Yet his most cherished accomplishment is his 29-year marriage to his wife, Masami, and his roles as father to his children, Alisa and Carl, Jr., and as grandfather to Trey.

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