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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Enemies of The Cross

Looking for a really great series of books guaranteed to leave you wanting to sleep with the light on, but written by an extremely talented Christian author? Then look no further than The Coming Trilogy Series by Greg Mitchell.

I got hooked on this trilogy after being a huge fan of such talented writers like Ted Dekker and Stephen King. You know the kinds of books that make you jump at noises while you're reading it, but it's so great you can't put it down?

This series is about the Bogeyman or as he is also known as The Strange Man. A presence so evil that he's been staking his claim in the small town of Greensboro since its introduction. That is where the legends and myths came from surrounding late night stories around the campfire, geared to scare you. Only this time, the Bogeyman is real and you're biggest downfall is believing he doesn't exist.

Picking up where the first book left off, Enemies of the Cross continues to struggle to understand what is happening to the small town of Greensboro. Now that a horrible murder has taken place and the town believes that the killer has been caught and is now awaiting his final trial for the death penalty, Pastor Jeff Weldon believes that his brother Dras is innocent. However he feels more than responsible. When Dras came to him that fateful night telling him of the Strange Man and the evil running the town, he didn't believe him. Now Jeff feels that he has to prove his brothers innocence.

Jeff's faith in God is about to be put to the final test as the evil surrounding the town realizes that he stands in the way. They aren't about to let their plans to control the town and bring about the Dark Hour be revealed by Jeff's persistent investigation. Now more than ever, the town believes that Jeff is letting his investigation to prove his brother's innocence cloud his responsibility to run the church and will stop at nothing to have him removed.

Meanwhile the Bogeyman's plans continue to grow darker by the hour as the North Woods surrounding the lake continue to consume all life that draws near and with that, the more powerful he will become especially if he can remove God from the equation.

I received Enemies of the Cross compliments of Greg Mitchell who was kind enough to send me a complimentary copy to review. Being such a huge fan of his first novel in the series, The Strange Man, when I saw that his next one was available in print, I knew I had to read it. Once again, I was not disappointed. Since this is a trilogy, the mystery will not be solved in this one, but will come to a climax in anticipation for the final book, Dark Hour, yet to be available. I LOVED this series and have to rate it a 5 out of 5 stars. Any book that can keep me glued to the pages, and reading it with the lights on, is a best seller for the suspense thriller genre in my opinion. That is what makes an excellent book.

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