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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bronze and Brimstone

For any teens who is an avid fan of both time traveling and history, this is the perfect series for you. The Bronze and The Brimstone is the second book in the series by Lory Kaufman who delighted us with the story of three teens who came from the 24th century and were sent off to a History Camp, which is a realistic location that places people into a world just like the one they would have experienced if they were sent back in time. This time the three teens Hansum, Lincoln, and Shamira have been sent to Verona, Italy back to the 14 century as a means of punishment for acting out in school.

What should have been a two week punishment, the teens find themselves stuck in the 14th century for six months, and the only way they have managed to survive is thanks to Hansum smuggling in Pan, which is a virtual figure that can access anything from history, think a virtual computer figure. This is where the story begins with a brief re-telling of the synopsis from The Lens and The Looker. This is the perfect introduction to this book, especially if you haven't read the first one, so it can stand alone as it's own novel. However, once you immerse yourself in this one, you'll definitely want to go back and see where it all began.

Thanks to the innovations the teens shared in the 14th century such as the telescope, the cannons and black powder, some of the rich and well-to-do will do whatever it takes to keep themselves at the top of the political ladder of success especially when Hansum and his friends have made them very powerful and wealthy as a means to survive.

What makes the series so unique is the attention to detail from the historical eye, and Lory Kaufman does an exceptional job at making the 14th century Verona, Italy especially real for the readers and thus makes the book a real delight. This time the readers are in for a treat when they are reading a great story about time travel and the future and end up with a unique perspective on history as well.

I received The Bronze and the Brimstone compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review and think that Lory Kaufman has really hit on something unique. A way to showcase the love of learning with a blend of story-telling that keeps the young reader engaged as they are learning about history. Another 5 out of 5 stars and will be looking forward to future books by Lory Kaufman in the future. He is keeping the love of learning and reading alive in his books.

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