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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growing Up Ziglar

If you were the child of Zig Ziglar, the world's biggest and most notable motivational speaker, wouldn't you think that you'd grow up feeling great and positive almost every single day? Well that is what Julie Ziglar Norman thought most people would think about her, if they knew who her infamous dad was, so she tried to keep it hidden as much as she could. However, when she could no longer hide it, she did the next best thing, she pasted on her best smile and kept all her negative feelings and emotions buried deep inside.

That is until the day God placed a call on her life that would change how people saw how she had grown up and what that would mean for those that would hear her story. In the book, Growing Up Ziglar, A Daughter's Broken Journey From Heartache to Hope, Julie candidly shares how difficult it was growing up trying to be the poster child of what she perceived to be perfect. She never once blames her father or anything he did or didn't do. In fact he set the bar quite reasonable, but Julie just never really understood the why's of why she shouldn't do things.

Her father understood that if drinking made you feel too good, that he should simply stop doing that, or if carrying on led people to believe that he was acting a different way than he should, he simply changed how that perception appeared. For example he never was alone with a woman who wasn't his wife or daughter for any reason. He didn't want rumors or gossip to spread even when there wasn't an ounce of truth in them so he didn't place himself in situations where people might get the wrong idea. While Zig set the examples by leading, Julie went in the complete opposite direction.

She lays bare all the things she did wrong growing up and hiding things from her parents, her self destructive behavior, drinking and getting caught staying out late, when the police had to bring her home. She tells from her point of view why she did these things despite her struggle to understand a relationship with God. She saw herself as a disappointment to Him, one that she couldn't measure up to when she failed and thus would end up spiraling right back into bad habits again. She shows readers how despite their lifestyle choices there is still hope and redemption in coming to God no matter how bad you think you might be. This is the story of her heartache and redemption back to God.

I received Growing Up Ziglar by Julie Ziglar Norman compliments of Summerside Press and Guideposts for my honest review. I think her honest and open story will really touch readers at the core of where they may find themselves and hopefully bring them back to God in the process. They will understand how deep and wide God's grace and forgiveness truly is and for that reason, I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I spotlighted this book on my blog. But because I have not read it, I linked up to your review. Thanks for reviewing! :)


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